Ultimate WoW Guide: The Number One

Do you find yourself having so much fun playing World of Warcraft? Since the launch of this game, millions of people find themselves playing for hours and enjoying every minute of the game. For these people who love to play, their goal is to level up their respective characters. Do you want to find out the secret to leveling up fast? You can definitely do that with the Ultimate WoW Guide.
Just like any game, leveling up is the most important thing to do. And in the World of Warcraft, there are 80 levels that every player will strive to achieve. Getting from one level to another is not that easy in this game which is the reason why having a guide to do that is very important.

In fact, articles and blogs which contain tips about strategies on leveling up are usually visited by these players. Just remember that not all of these blogs and articles contain reliable information. Therefore, it is important to make use of a reliable guide which contains strategies that are proven effective.

The Ultimate WoW Guide is indeed the best guide today. Since it was first launched in 2005, this guide is now an in-game guide. This means that you will be receiving tips and step-by-step instructions as you actually play the game. Plus, you do not have to read the instructions and tips on a separate window because these will be flashed while you play.

An additional feature of this guide is the best quest order. This feature will enable every player to follow the right order of quests to ensure that leveling up is way faster and easier. Another feature is the automatic waypoints. These waypoints will show you where to go to next by putting an arrow on the map and this will ensure that you will never get lost while playing the game. The leveling talent guide is another great feature which shows every player the best way of spending his or her talent points. Another feature is that the guide will show you the best strategies in beating each class with your character. The macro guide is another feature that users love. This macro guide will definitely help you improve your game. All you have to do is to copy then paste each macro onto the menu.

Definitely, the Ultimate WoW Guide will make playing World of Warcraft very enjoyable and easy. You will definitely level up quickly and easily. Furthermore, if you think that the guide was not worth purchasing, you can use the 60-day money-back guarantee without any questions asked.

Indeed, the Ultimate WoW Guide gave me the best tips and strategies. Learn about the features of the guide.

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Best Mmorpg and PvP Video Game

Everyone who plays video games in the current age is looking for a quality game that will keep them interested though out the entire game. Many are looking for some great PvP action and I have found the game that will keep you coming back for more. The game is called Knight Online. It is a great game with the best PvP and competition I have ever experienced. The PvP of this game is based 60% on skill and 40% on the gear and level of your character. It is very intense and hard to master the complex system of combing your skills in the game. You must have fast reflexes and quick fingers to be able to master the game’s PvP. The game itself consists of a strong base of English and Turkish players. Rivalries have developed, and the top clans constantly fight for dominance. The game has a steep learning curve to it and mastering comboing will take a lot of time, but once you have it down, the PvP in this game can not be touched by any other.
The style of being a huge tank and running into everyone and destroying them or being an assassin and stealthily taking out high priority targets like priests and mages and then getting out quicker than anyone can hope to keep up with you will suit those who want to really show off skill or you could be a mage and support your team with damage or stun or slow spells or you could be a priest and really have choices. You can be a battle priest and dominate the battlefield by dealing out massive damage and then healing any your opponent can hit you with or you can support your team by being heavily armoured and near impossible to take down. The choices go on and on.

The arenas for PvP battles are numerous. At least 3 are open all the time and special events take place often like a castle siege or a full scale war where the entire server’s human and ork population battle it out for glory and national points , which are awarded for killing enemies. The game supports a massive population and over 10 servers that are consistently full of people playing the game. Check this game out at www.knightonlineworld.com to learn more about its expirence. This game’s PvP outshines WoW’s and Runescape’s by miles and should really be checked out by every serious MMORPG gamer.

The hacking that had run rampant in the game up until recently has mostly been put to an end. A patch has come out that has stopped cheating archers dominating in PvP and exp zones and now it is once again a full and fun game to play. I would recommend all that left to come back and once again enjoy the great PvP experience this game offers.

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World of Warcraft Recent Patch Changes

If you’ve been playing retail World of Warcraft lately, you’ve probably realized that Blizzard has been patching like crazy. Now, 3.0.3 can not even be found on the Blizzard website. My only guess for this is just because the patch had several “bugs”. In that, certain classes were nerfed and certain classes were viciously overpowered. The new patch is meant to at least partially fix this problem, however I doubt that all classes will ever be completely balanced in the World of Warcraft.
Since I’ve already focused on primarily the patch’s effects on classes, I’m going to do my best to explain everything that happened to all of the different classes in the game in adding the patch. There have been other changes, but most are minor and are irrelevant to the individual player who wants to learn about the changes to their class and to their competition.

For a complete patch list in a more compact form, visit http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/test-realm-patchnotes.html

Death Knights DK’s are a class that are almost always going to be deeply affected by the new patches, since they were still sort of a test class when they were released. I would say that this patch mostly increased the capabilities of the DK, however most of the classes were overpowered by this patch. The dark command ability has had its range increased to 30 yards, death pact now has double the healing bonus, the pestilence cooldown has been completely removed, raise dead has been conveniently split into two abilities. However, bone shield has been debuffed along with a few other abilities.

Druids Druids are up for debate when it comes to patches. Feral druids pretty much completely died out before the release of the 3.0.3 patch, because they had a terrible time doing any damage in player versus player. I would definitely say it’s possible to be a feral druid again. The most significant change to druids is that now attack power can be increased in feral forms just by the addition of weapons that add DPS. Therefore, higher DPS items can be used by druids now instead of just weapons that add attack power, agility, strength, and so on. This is a significant change to feral druids and will greatly improve their abilities. Also, the aquatic form is now available at trainers at level 16; you no longer have to go through a grueling quest. Growl’s range has also been dramatically increased, to 30 yards. One bad thing is that starfall is now no longer included in balance form.

Hunters Hunters were definitely buffed by the patch, as they well deserved. Hunters have been getting worse and worse in PvP ever since the release of the game. Hunter aspects have been improved, hunter pet abilities have had their cooldowns reduced, and the talent trees have been sort of buffed for both marksmanship and beast mastery. Also, tracking has been improved, and now is easier to use. Hunters are finally starting to turn into more of a PvP class!

Mages I would say that mages are almost always nerfed in new patches. They’re a really high damage class that can’t hardly take any damage at all, I say Blizzard should just leave them alone. However, this patch has actually improved them in quite a few aspects. Blizzard has been greatly improved, and now the ability slow fall is castable on others. Arcane flows also reduces the cooldown of evocation significantly, giving a great mana-gathering ability in PvP. The ability mirror image has been added and is wonderful in PvP. Mages are still a great PvP class, but I think they’re starting to get more and more balanced.

Paladins Paladins are a sufficiently balanced class, and are also changing with every patch quite a bit. Avenging wrath has been significantly debuffed with fixed cooldowns. Divind shield instead of reducing attack time by half now just reduces damage by half. However, there is a completely new ability available to paladins by trainers at level 16 that causes holy damage at a 30 yard range. Awesome! Judgement of wisdom has been debuffed, it now affects base mana instead of maximum mana, no longer affected by powerful gear.

Priests No one really hears much about priests anymore, and I think they’re sort of a dieing class. Abolish disease and cure disease have now been added to shadowform! Circle of healing cooldown has been dramatically reduced to 6 seconds. Levitate is also now castable on others. Not much more to say about priests, they have been more buffed than debuffed for sure though!

Rogues Ahh the dreaded rogue buffs. I’m not one to be against rogues, but I don’t think they deserve any more buffs or cooldown decreases. Cheap shot has been debuffed! Fan of knives has been drastically improved; there is no longer any cooldown and the damage is increase to 150% when daggers are used. Feint has been improved in that it now decreases damage from area of effect damages by 50%.

Shamans I’m glad to hear that shamans are still getting better. I don’t play a shaman, but I’ve always loved the complexity of this class. For starters, all talent points have been refunded for all Shaman class characters. Fire nova totem now no longer generates threat, and this is great because now you can use these totems in instances without off-tanking. Searing totem (rank 4) has also had its damage increased to make it proper damage for its level. The duration of the Tremor Totem has been more than doubled. Shamans also recieved various other buffs, and very few nerfs.

Warlocks Locks are probably one of the most up-for-debate classes. Some people believe they’re “cheap” because of fear and what not, but I can definitely say that they’re more fair when it comes to PvP than the way rogues tend to play their PvP. The armor bonuses from Demon Armor and Demon Skin have been improved. Summoning portals can now be used to port multiple players/objects for up to 5 minutes.

Warriors The amount of charges of the bloodthirst have been decreased, however there has been a bonus added to each charge. There used to be a higher chance to miss with the use of titan’s grip. This has now been removed and greatly increases the power of a fury warrior. The taunt range has also been increased all the way to 30 yards.

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A Million a Day on Runescape

Getting a million GP in Runescape in a day is back breaking, eye popping, finger cramping and boring. There is no way where you can earn 1M in less than a few hours, even a highly advanced merchant can find themselves still in a rutt now because of the stupid new trading rule. But despite this ruined game, these are some ways I got rich. Bear with me, this is made for characters that are low in level in any stats.

-Feathers, wasn’t this fun… This was a pretty easy task, easiest in the Champions guild because,
A) No one is ever there.
B) If you get some random, random item, sell it to the guy upstairs.

-Mining Copper and Tin. OK, not the best way to gain a fortune, probably gains less than 100 GP a set, but, if you feel like mining, this is the way to go; the later levels will pay off. You may want to save these to make bronze arrows if you ever become a member.

-Woodcutting. I prefer this to the previous suggestions because,
A) It’s easy
B) It’s easy to level
C) Good profit made
So, if you’re not too fond of the other two non-member suggestions, this is the way to go.


-Picking flax, this is one of the best money making ways to get heaps of money a day. You aren’t guaranteed 1M a day, but if you work hard on it, you will. Pick Flax in Seers and bank them. You may want to take it to the next level and get 10 Crafting and turn your Flax into Bow strings. You can get around 100GP for each Flax/Bow String.

-Fletching, making Bronze arrows is a good way to earn some money. Not a lot, but at least you don’t waste your low level resources you gained from mining + smithing and wood cutting.

So really, there is no guaranteed way to earn a million a day. Well, not in Runescape anyway. If you keep at it, and devote your time to the task, you will certain earn at least 500K a day, which in a week, you will have 3.5Mil. So remember, there is no guaranteed method of gaining a million a day, but really, it is possible.
Have fun!

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