A Million a Day on Runescape

Getting a million GP in Runescape in a day is back breaking, eye popping, finger cramping and boring. There is no way where you can earn 1M in less than a few hours, even a highly advanced merchant can find themselves still in a rutt now because of the stupid new trading rule. But despite this ruined game, these are some ways I got rich. Bear with me, this is made for characters that are low in level in any stats.

-Feathers, wasn’t this fun… This was a pretty easy task, easiest in the Champions guild because,
A) No one is ever there.
B) If you get some random, random item, sell it to the guy upstairs.

-Mining Copper and Tin. OK, not the best way to gain a fortune, probably gains less than 100 GP a set, but, if you feel like mining, this is the way to go; the later levels will pay off. You may want to save these to make bronze arrows if you ever become a member.

-Woodcutting. I prefer this to the previous suggestions because,
A) It’s easy
B) It’s easy to level
C) Good profit made
So, if you’re not too fond of the other two non-member suggestions, this is the way to go.


-Picking flax, this is one of the best money making ways to get heaps of money a day. You aren’t guaranteed 1M a day, but if you work hard on it, you will. Pick Flax in Seers and bank them. You may want to take it to the next level and get 10 Crafting and turn your Flax into Bow strings. You can get around 100GP for each Flax/Bow String.

-Fletching, making Bronze arrows is a good way to earn some money. Not a lot, but at least you don’t waste your low level resources you gained from mining + smithing and wood cutting.

So really, there is no guaranteed way to earn a million a day. Well, not in Runescape anyway. If you keep at it, and devote your time to the task, you will certain earn at least 500K a day, which in a week, you will have 3.5Mil. So remember, there is no guaranteed method of gaining a million a day, but really, it is possible.
Have fun!

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