Best Mmorpg and PvP Video Game

Everyone who plays video games in the current age is looking for a quality game that will keep them interested though out the entire game. Many are looking for some great PvP action and I have found the game that will keep you coming back for more. The game is called Knight Online. It is a great game with the best PvP and competition I have ever experienced. The PvP of this game is based 60% on skill and 40% on the gear and level of your character. It is very intense and hard to master the complex system of combing your skills in the game. You must have fast reflexes and quick fingers to be able to master the game’s PvP. The game itself consists of a strong base of English and Turkish players. Rivalries have developed, and the top clans constantly fight for dominance. The game has a steep learning curve to it and mastering comboing will take a lot of time, but once you have it down, the PvP in this game can not be touched by any other.
The style of being a huge tank and running into everyone and destroying them or being an assassin and stealthily taking out high priority targets like priests and mages and then getting out quicker than anyone can hope to keep up with you will suit those who want to really show off skill or you could be a mage and support your team with damage or stun or slow spells or you could be a priest and really have choices. You can be a battle priest and dominate the battlefield by dealing out massive damage and then healing any your opponent can hit you with or you can support your team by being heavily armoured and near impossible to take down. The choices go on and on.

The arenas for PvP battles are numerous. At least 3 are open all the time and special events take place often like a castle siege or a full scale war where the entire server’s human and ork population battle it out for glory and national points , which are awarded for killing enemies. The game supports a massive population and over 10 servers that are consistently full of people playing the game. Check this game out at to learn more about its expirence. This game’s PvP outshines WoW’s and Runescape’s by miles and should really be checked out by every serious MMORPG gamer.

The hacking that had run rampant in the game up until recently has mostly been put to an end. A patch has come out that has stopped cheating archers dominating in PvP and exp zones and now it is once again a full and fun game to play. I would recommend all that left to come back and once again enjoy the great PvP experience this game offers.

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