Diablo 2 Resurrected Assassin


The order ‘Mage Slayers’ was initially formed after the Vizjerei survived the tragedy that was brought by the Bartuc and Horazon. Their intentions were to watch out for Rogue Magi that may turn corrupted by the evil forces. Therefore, to perform the task effectively, they trained their abilities that weren’t conducive to the Demonic Corruption. They lived as Rumours & Myths to the general public, and even the other Magi didn’t know much about the order.
Assassins do not utilize the Magical Arts in a direct manner, but instead, they utilize Enchanted D2R Items to mimic the elemental powers. They highly focus on the natural abilities of the mind and unarmed combat, for assassin build diablo 2.

Statistics & Figures

Starting Attributes – Strength: 20, Dexterity: 20, Vitality: 20, Energy: 25, Hit Points: 50, Stamina: 95, and Mana: 25.

Gain Per Level – Life: +2, Stamina: +1.25, and Mana: +1.5.

Each Point Grants – 1 Vitality point gives 3 Life, 1 Vitality point gives 1.25 Stamina, and 1 Energy point gives 1.75 Mana.

Claw-Class Weapons

The LOD (Lord of Destruction) expansion had introduced a new class of weapons only for Assassins. These weapons were claw-like that are worn on the hands (One/Both). They can only be worn by Assassins and none other character classes. Also, they aren’t quite skilled with other weapon types, so it’s in rare cases that you see them utilizing anything but Claws, for assassin build diablo 2.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts talent tree allows you to perform various combat kicks, along with power-ups to augment the finishing moves. The tree is divided into two segments, with six charge-up skills and four finishing moves. But you can always use your regular attacks.

Charge-up moves can be charged three times, and each of its charges either increases the bonus damage when the charge-up is delivered, or if it is delivered. To register a charge, you must hit your target, and these charges are displayed by tiny orbiting lights of suitable colours. Once the bonuses are charged, you can finally release the finishing move, which also applies a bonus of its own, for the diablo 2 resurrected Assassin build.


Left Skill (Fist of Fire) Charge-Up – Level One. Charge 1: Fire Damage: 6-10. Charge 2: Fire Damage Radius: 2 y. Charge 3: Burning Duration: 2.5 sec. Attack: +50%.a Mana Cost: 2.

Right-Skill (Dragon Claw) Finishing Move – Level One. Damage: +50%. Attack: +50%. Mana Cost: 2.

Finishing moves on the other hand are used on their own but they aren’t going to be powerful enough with the help of charge-up moves. There are a total of four finishing, from which, three of the movies use feet, and the last one uses Claws. Charge-ups are basically released on the first claw for a successful strike once, and then again with the second claw (dual-wielding), for diablo 2 resurrected Assassin build.

Shadow Disciplines

Shadow Discipline skill tree is similar to the passive and magic tree abilities of the Amazon class, but there are more combat-type skills existent here. In other words, skills that actually inflict damage, rather than just boost the other attributes.

If you look at the left of the branch tree, you will notice two skills in the first section. These skills need to be treated as Paladin’s Auras, and you can only activate one at a given time. Casting another while one is acting will simply cancel the first one out; however, you can cast Venom concurrently with the other skills.

Shadow Warriors are sometimes preferable to Shadow Master in various situations. That’s when you wish to have your Shadow use the skills that are currently activated. The master can use any of the 26 skills, and you may want to use a certain trap or martial arts combination. Even though the master is intelligent, it’s not as clever as you, so there’s a chance that you won’t exactly get what you are looking forward to.

Shadows cannot cast any Shadow Skills and them sure as hell do not level up if they stay alive long enough. You won’t be benefitting from any sort of aura skill types that your Shadow casts, and the other way around.


Traps allow Assassins to deal with the monster in packs even before they get a chance to deal any damage. It’s basically a combination of remote devices and projectiles to trap their foes, in this diablo 2 assassin trap build. The three skill tree branches; Lightning, Blades, and Fire can attack multiple enemies at a given time, and even grenade types like Shock Web and Fire Blast have a decent area effect.

Once you reach level 12, it gets a little inventive and easy as you can set remote sentries to attack while fighting with a martial arts skill yourself, for diablo 2 assassin trap build. For instance, the sentries attack the foes 5 to 10 times before it disappears.

You can either throw or set sentries, grenades, or blades across rivers and small walls, or anywhere within the line of sight. Also, sentries are visible to other players, and they disappear as you leave the level.

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