OSRS Fight Caves Guide


If you’re not an experienced OSRS player, let me bring it to your notice that Fight Caves osrs is a minigame that offers a unique reward. This minigame (TzHaar Fight Caves osrs) can be found in the Karamja Volcano (Mor Ul Rek) and is quite difficult in terms of defeating the enemies. Before we get into the detailed section of the guide, let’s clear out the general information.


There’s a path that leads beneath the Karamja island, and this can be accessed through Crandor or Karamja dungeon. Once you’ve reached below, you will notice that there’s a cave, and that very cave will lead to the city of Mor Ul Rek.

In General

If you’ve faced TzTok-Jad before, you can unlock it as a Slayer task for an amount of 100 Slayer points. This task can be given to you by Duradel, Chaeldar, or Nieve. You will find numerous creatures wandering around the Fight Caves waiting for a player to enter, and to reach the final boss, you will have to defeat Tz-Kih, Tz-Kek, Tok-Xil, Yt, Mejkot, and Ket-zek.

Preparing For the Fight

The primary goal of successfully completing a round of TzHaar Fight Caves is to defeat a level 702 boss named TzTok-Jad. Being one of the highest leveled bosses in the entire game, it’s obvious how dreadful he can be in dealing damage. Let’s get to preparing for this Jad guide osrs.

There’s no specific requirement relating to the attack style that you should use, but focusing on using Ranged attacks is the best option because there are ways to trap your enemies behind obstacles. Thus, allowing you to clear most of the waves without much trouble. Completing the minigame takes a few hours because it can get lengthy with so many waves, so it’s best that you stock up on as many supplies as you can. You don’t really need any special requirements to enter the cave. However, it is recommended that you enter with at least 70 Defense, HP, Ranged, and Prayer. In terms of weapons for Ranged, you should go with Toxic Blowpipe > Twisted Bow > Rune Crossbow. You can also go with other affordable crossbows like Karil’s and Armadyl. If you’re choosing to go with melee, then you should at least have level 94 in magic, along with weapons like Saradomin God Sword or Dragon Halberd.

The Fight

Moving onto the final battle, which is the boss Jad himself; you will require focus and patience while fighting against him. There are 62 waves of monsters before Jad, and it can get frustrating, but always remember to keep the flow going because if you end up dead, you’ll have to start from the very beginning again. The boss uses three attack styles; Melee, Ranged, and Magic, so ensure that you have auto retaliate switched on, along with the necessary prayers.

Melee: Melee attacks are Jad’s fastest attacks, so you’ll have to watch out for his fists because that’s what he’ll be using. To avoid it, make sure that you’re at a good distance from him because if you’re up close then he’ll use these attacks for sure.

Magic: Melee’s attacks can be identified by the way he stands up and breathes fire at you. A good point is that you’ll hear a growling noise before the attack is initiated. So, keep your eyes and ears sharp and use Protect from Magic at the right time.

Ranged: Ranged attacks can be identified by the way he slams his front legs on the ground because that’s when a crack will appear on the floor, resulting in a boulder falling right on top of you. So, to avoid it, always keep your focus on him and switch your prayer to Protect from Missiles.

During the fight caves osrs, Jad will also spawn healers when he’s down half his health. The healers are low in level, but they can be quite troublesome. The best strategy is to attack them as soon as they spawn so that their focus can be directed towards you. This will allow you to completely focus on defeating Jad, without worrying about the healers healing him.


After successfully defeating him, you’ll receive 8,032 Tokkul (Mor Ul Rek’s Currency), along with a Fire Cape. This cape is the best melee combat cape in the game, and it cannot be compared with the other. The reason is that – not only is it the best but also the only cape that provides an animation effect (Lava Animation).

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